The Foundations of Conscious Business
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Build a Conscious Company

Your title doesn't matter. If you know your company can do more to help people thrive, this course is for you. Learn what to do, live your values, and lead the change.
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Engage your team. Build your culture. Help your business thrive.

The best books, research, and interviews have been distilled in to 6
engaging lessons, 5 real world examples and 36 best practices to help you take your next steps.

Lesson 1: Overview

What conscious business is and what it isn’t.

Lesson 2: Purpose

Why CSR and “giving back” aren’t enough.

Lesson 3: Stakeholders

Creating real value is the key to breakthrough innovation.

Lesson 4: Culture

Where the bar is set, and why “perks” and “fun” miss the mark.

Lesson 5: Leadership

The biggest obstacles your company faces are your own blind spots.

Lesson 6: Success

What you need to do now.

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4P Foods

"If you have heard the calling to live your values through your company, this program gives you the tools and inspiration to make that possible. This curriculum helps you to realize that not only are you not crazy, but you are not alone either."

- Tom McDougall, Founder


"The format of Foundations of Conscious Business is formulated in bite-size bits of information that make it easy to fit within a hectic executive schedule. The synergy of all this information is a powerful tool that will transform you –your organization – and ultimately, the people that serve within it."

- Laura Oblinger, Director of Client Service & Business Development

Conscious Company Media

"This course will help you become the business leader the world needs."

- Meghan French Dunbar, Co-Founder

Small Business Association Michigan

"This comprehensive course delivers great insight and consulting to small businesses helping them understand conscious business and the rewards it can bring to their business, employees and community."

- Ken Root, Director of Membership & Strategic Relations

Harbor-Brenn Insurance

"As a small business owner, I can make a real significant impact on the employee lives in my care and the communities where we operate. This course is for everyone, regardless of how big or little your dreams may be."

- Ashley Brower-Whitney, CEO

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